Blockchains and Big Data

Big Data presents multiple challenges, which include control, data authenticity, and monetization. For example: in a company, who controls infrastructure when various players are involved? If there are copies, how do you determine which is the latest version? How much can you trust the data? How do you prove who was the originator? If you obtain data from others, how do you know they truly come from them? And, given the case, how do you monetize data? How do you transfer data rights or buy rights from others?

All Blockchains are simple databases, but with the added benefits of being decentralized, immutable, allowing the transfer of digital assets, offering shared control of the infrastructure, data Audit, and the possibility of universal data exchange.
Blockchain technology provides the necessary scalability for big data environments and can help resolve two of the remaining challenges of Big Data, which are: how to trust the data and how to build a universal data exchange. This opens a path to developing applications to address the need for sharing in preexisting Big Data infrastructure, and facilitates the transfer of intellectual property rights, which would allow data to be bought and sold as an asset.

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